Doing what needs doing when the rain freezes

Last night we had a miserable amount of freezing rain and just to get home my husband Alex had spent nearly an hour defrosting and chipping ice off of it, we then had to take a friend to work on horribly slick roads and stop to get ice melt.
We have had to use a lot of ice melt this last month as we have had a lot of snow and the walkway to the car is often frozen and I can’t risk a fall.
One problem with our house is the fact that the rain gutters are very odd and in a few places seem to have been badly crimped up to fit the angles needed.  We didn’t get a lot of rain until right before we started to get snow and realized the rain gutter that is right outside the front door is blocked and at a very weird angle so that as it freezes water from the roof will pour off of it a 18 inches away from the front step causing sheets of ice to form there and all the way down the walkway to the car.
So at about 3pm after spending 30 mins sweeping and shoveling away the inch of slush that was my entire walk way After I had already used 3-4 pounds of ice melt on it earlier I put a 13 gallon garbage can under the flow of water and put ice melt back down.  I knew I could not wait as it would just flood the walk again if I did.
Here is what I came home to at 6:45 this evening


I would say there was 10 gallons of dirty freezing cold water in there before I dumped it in to the snow.

My back may hate me for it and I may bitch about the pain but I am proud I was able to do what needed doing.  There were times when I would not have been able to finish the clean up and sadly a lot of times in the past where I wouldn’t have really tried either.
My hubby works the graveyard shift and had just fallen asleep and I did not want to wake him as I was already awake and dressed and I knew that by the time he would have gotten up and gotten dressed I could be done.
If I hadn’t done it the clean up would now be much worse.


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