Reventing the dryer

So like in most houses with a dryer ours vents to the outside, this means that when you get within 8 ft of the dryer in the kitchen you feel the cold seeping into the room through the thin flexible vent hose and from the dryer itself. It means that to dry anything you are fighting against cold damp air coming up the hose and that all the heat from the dryer is just being wasted.
So I took some old socks, put them in a grocery bag and while Alex disconnected the vent hose from the wall I went out side and blocked the hole, we covered the inside with foam and could immediately feel the difference in temp.  We used stockings to cover the end of the hose and ran it out to the side of the dryer (we have a very effective lint trap) and now not only is that part of the room not freezing but the humidity is helping me breath better as it warms up the house. I check the end of the long vent hose after every cycle so I am being careful.
Win win I’m my opinion

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