Hurt my knee but still getting stuff done

I had been in a lot of pain this last week and have been having a medium bad flare up of arthritis brought on by over doing it for the last month and by wrenching my left knee from stepping wrong and finally it was beginning to lessen so after cleaning up after the party Sunday and Monday I started organizing the art room and moving my rolling (and non rolling) plastic dressers around to get the best usage of space.
I figured out where my drafting table can go best and where to move the bookcases, then moved them around til they fit. I bought 4 cardboard bankers boxes and 8 clear shoe boxes and 2 clear plastic bins that are about twice that size of the shoe boxes and was all ready to bring in the remaining dressers, empty them of random junk, clean them and figure out where to put them.
and so of course since I was on such a roll I had to run errands and then jump start my husbands car and I fell on the ice and wrenched my other knee to the point where every movement made me want to cry for the rest of Monday.
I have all of this motivation and just walking from room to room or laying down or shifting in a chair was agony for 12 hours and so I spent the majority of an entire day in bed. The funny/sad thing is there was a time when due to lack of physical energy, serious depression and SAD I could have stayed in bed a week without any problems and now all I want to do is get up and start getting my organization plans underway.
Two days later and I still can’t stand for long as long as I was a week or two ago but it is getting better though I have I worried a lot that if I don’t stay motivated I wont get motivated again
Thankfully that isn’t the case and though it took about 5x as long I got stuff done over the last 24 hrs.
We have two small closets in the hall between our room and the art room and they have been full of badly packed (half unpacked) stuff, one was almost all towels and bathroom stuff and the other random utility stuff.
Well yesterday I started just grabbing a box out and putting it on my table every time I passed it until it was empty. I then started sorting out bathroom stuff, towels and linen, I taped up both ends of one of the tall this boxes and cut it in half to make two 8 inch tall boxes that now fit with another the same height under the bathroom vanity.
The utility closet looks half empty despite the fact that I only tossed out one small garbage can of bits and pieces including extra cardboard from box flaps, so I was able to move some things from the linen closet in there when I moved the towels onto the over the toilet rack.
Now I have all but two shelves of the linen closet for art storage which is great since it is right outside the door to the art room.
I also went through 2 huge bins of plastic food storage containers and lids and disposed of some and found lids for the rest, the reason I mention it is I had been using 2 boxes made out of those wire storage cubes and I now have 2/3rds of one full of tiny little storage containers ranging from 2 oz to 6 oz as well as a couple entree/sandwich size ones that are not air tight. I plan to use them in some of my drawer units for things like beads and random findings. Also I now have those wire racks for sorting stuff into.
Pretty good considering I am still hobbling and had to do most of it seated.

Wish I had taken closet pics.

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