Putting stuff back together after the party

So Saturday’s party was great and now we are putting the house back together (not in the people messed it up kind of way cause our friends rock in their respect for us and our house) we have very little kitchen storage and so we moved a bunch of stuff out temporarily which is actually great because as we put it back we are going to figure out better ways to organize it so that it will be easier to use and so that next time we don’t have to strip it bare.  We did the same with the art room to make a lounge.
So it is time for the infamous (and oh so exciting to anyone but me)

(I am still dealing with a lot of pain in my knees from over doing it lately so my wonderful hubby is being a bigger help than usual)


General cleaning:
#Wash dishes (including cleaning the way baked on soup from the crock pot)
#Rinse out serving dishes and box them up (working on quite a collection of them)
#Move the folding table into the front room for the laptop

*wash material table cloth (toss sticky plastic one)
*Wipe counters
*clean stove top (wash burners and under top
#Sweep and mop (very few spills)
#Change cat box
+Clean microwave
+wash out recycling bin
*wash dish drainer and put tile cover on toaster oven

*determine where everything will go from now on, make plans
#Take the tall shelving unit apart into 2 shorter ones (yay cutting duct tape)
#put 1 smaller shelf unit on table with the other
#put other smaller unit against wall
*make top for shelves to use as small table (later)
+move all the kitchen stuff back in from the bedroom
+put stuff away
*go through all the plastic storage containers and check for lids
*organize containers and lids in a usable way on table shelves

#Move the end table back into the front room
#Move rug back into the front room
#take throw pillows to garage
*clean up tea cups and fixings (store them)
#put drafting table back up again
*take temporary curtain down
+move rolling carts and a few boxes back into art room


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