How a Russian tea room motivated me

A huge help in giving me motivation to get my art room clean came from getting ready for the birthday party I am giving a friend today at our place. 
In prep for sorting the art room into something usable we took everything to the garage and since the room was mostly empty and we can use more space we set the room up as a lounge area.  Floor pillows, Oriental rug, small table, dim lighting to make a tea room where fortunes can be told and it looks amazing. 
The thing is for Years due to depression my entire house resembled the art room before we stripped it and it is hard to accept that I am finally getting the habits I need to maintain it the way I want.
All the time since we moved I was feeling that my house was a mess, that I can’t keep up with everything but it took us less than 2 hours of casual work ( with breaks ) to get it party ready and about 75% decorated for a Russian theme party and that included moving the remaining storage stuff out of that room and moving all the random kitchen stuff out as well.
The thing is the house is fine it is now within 30 mins of “guest ready” at all times except for the craft room, so realizing that this one black hole was dragging me down has motivated me more and more to get it organized and keep it clean and put together.


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