Cleaning as a partners activity

Alex and I are doing some cleaning today so since it helps with accountability here is our TO DO list

Load the dishwasher
do a load of laundry
fold up scarves and hats in container on front table
sort out what goes in the garage from the art room

Move computer desk into bedroom closet
take bags of material out to garage
take boxes of art supplies to garage
Dump Garbage
Do the few large dishes that need scrubbing
Put large blankets in the closet

Tidy up kitchen
Hang up/put away laundry
take down and store Frank, the holiday tree
Clean the bathtub/shower

We are doing it in turns and together so we can take breaks
Alex unloaded the dishwasher and I will load the stuff I can now that he is done and taking a break.
While I worked on my part of the laundry he took Frank down and boxed him up and while I worked on scarfs (mostly sitting down) he took a break
He will help me finish the clothes by pulling the drawers out for me to organize and he will hang the stuff needing hanging because my knees hurt
then a break
then I will sort out the art stuff for the garage (in advance of us working on getting the art room set up to organize) and then I take a break while he carries the stuff to the garage
I will put the laundry in the wash when the dishes are done and he will take out the garbage (pick up tomorrow)
Then I will spray soap on the bathtub and shower surround, put a note on the door and before he goes to bed in the morning he will wash it down the drain


2 thoughts on “Cleaning as a partners activity

  1. Good plan to organise and write it down πŸ™‚ My plan for cleaning the kitchen tonight is to wade in and tackle it all at once because that’s the way I roll πŸ˜€

    • trinaxxl says:

      I do that at times then end up sick for 3 I wish I could just “Get stuff DONE” all at once but I am finally learning that I must force myself to spread stuff out and since yesterday was Alex’s day off (holiday) I did not want to claim the entire thing to cleaning or wear him out

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