Cooking and Cleaning for NYE

I am making food for the NYE party we are going to and trying to keep up with the mess as I go, Unfuck your habitat has motivated me a lot, I am taking breaks every 20/30 mins (usually 10/20 mins off) and I am cleaning as I go.
I have already done one load of dishes and as soon as I drink my tea and type this I will unload the dishwasher and reload it (the DW is the best way to get my food processor stuff clean and I will need it again in a bit)
I am making cheese stuffed mini sweet peppers and I already have the crab/cheese/quinoa mix made and later I will slice up the peppers and put them in a ziploc so that all I have to do is par cook and stuff then bake them tomorrow
I just made a baked crab cheese dip which is slow cooking in the oven, since I cant bake it at the party I am doing it now then putting it in 2 different cheap plastic microwave safe containers so that it can be refrigerated then individually heated through out the night (I will do the same with the hot Spinach dip I am making after the FP is clean)
While the DW runs I will make a batch of Chex Style mix, I am just cooking the cereal and oyster crackers then tossing them with pretzels and cheeze its. This time i actually bought the flavoring packet…lol (just one more thing to make easier on myself)
Finally I will throw together the baked bean dip (1 can refried beans, one can hot chili mixed and put in 2 microwave bowls over a layer of cream cheese blended with sour cream) this way it also can be heated through the night and have salsa spread on it.
I also bought a bunch of plain colored plastic 50% off serving bowls and some platters for $0.50 each and I am going to make some more platters by covering cardboard in foil. This way i am not at all worried about getting everything home if we leave early.
I am also going to cold brew some very concentrated 50/50 coffee (decaf/regular) and mix it in a container tomorrow with milk and SF vanilla flavoring so I have something to make drinks with for me since I cant have carbonation or juice. I like it with vodka actually.
I am trying to get everything done so I can have a nice relaxing day tomorrow, get some sleep, not worry and have time to get dressed up, I am doing stripping my nail polish off now and later I will paint them shiny cherry red to go with my 50s inspired black and white outfit, I will also be putting my hair up in foam rollers as well. (Pics will be taken!!)
Anyway all I have left to do is wait for the dishwasher, find Alex’s new shirt in the clean wash we have to hang up Tuesday and toss it and my black and white polka dot skirt in the dryer on cool fluff for about 10 mins to get out wrinkles and make the spinach dip.


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