Long weekend to do list

The holidays have sort of taken a toll on my health (not sleeping and eating really bad for me stuff as well as dreary weather) and I really haven’t taken care of myself or the house very well and now SAD are starting to kick my ass so it is time for a long weekend

Pick up all the scattered clothes on the floor
Go through the monster pile of cloth from the art room
…separate into material, clothing and donations…
Clean off top of washer and dryer
Do laundry (including any of the cloth that needs it) Working on it
Clean stove top

FRIDAY and SATURDAY (With mom and Alex’s help)
Empty dishwasher
Do dishes
Clean and organize kitchen counter
Empty water containers and clean with vinegar
Put away all groceries

Seperate the party supplies to go to our friend’s house monday
put away and organize plastic containers and lids
Pick up stuff off floors
Vacuum (bedroom, art room and front room)
Buy cat litter

change cat litter
Finish laundry
Bag up and take material to garage

Hang up/put away laundry
Move art supply boxes to garage
Bring in art room rolling drawers
Clean out drawers
Label where stuff will go

Clean kitchen as I go


Take down the tree

organize storage/display for scarves and hats

By doing these with help and in short bursts I hope to actually get stuff done and not wear us both out but also get my energy level back up.


So far FRIDAY at 4AM

Picked up all the scattered clothes on the floor and went through the huge pile of material and separated it now washing all the clothes and some of the material.
Cleaned off top of washer and dryer
running my second of probably 6 loads (lots of material and sheets)
Cleaned off stove top
Emptied out and cleaned our hot water pot and the water jug and I am refilling them with filtered water
Put all the food stuff for Monday in one box
emptied dishwasher and filled and running it 

FRIDAY at 9:45am
I have only one more load of laundry to do (will put it away later)
counters are clean but need organizing
Alex is vacuuming,
Mom is mopping the kitchen floor and changing the cat litter (I bought 40 pounds and carrying it pretty much ensured I am done working for the day)


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