To do list for the weekend

OK before I can begin unfucking up the art room I need to do a few chores tonight and Alex and I need to do some more this weekend

*clean off the stove and counters
*got some amazing deals on family packs of meat, have to divide it up into freezer packs
*run at least one load of laundry
*unload the dish washer and load the dirty dishes that will fit in it and hand wash the bigger ones

Saturday and Sunday
*Get copy of key to Alex’s car and buy stuff for his lunches
*put away groceries
*clean off the table I use in the front room and put board games in the front closet
*start moving stuff out of the art room for sorting put it either in the front room or garage
*make at least one large meal and freeze some
*move my old Dell PC into a drawer in the bedroom and set up for watching movies and netflix
*put away clothes
*empty rolling drawers and figure out the best way to organize them, the tables and other furniture in art room
*start sorting art supplies

Here is what I got done between 11:20 pm Friday night and 12:40 am Saturday morning:
√unloaded the dishwasher
√loaded the dishwasher and set the 3 dishes that would not fit to soak, ran the dishwasher
√packaged over a dozen smaller freezer bags of meat from family packs (serious clearance discounts so they had to be frozen soon)
√took clothes out of the dryer I forgot were there
√did a load of towels (had to redistribute it 3 times) put them in the dryer
√washed a load of Alex’s work clothes (waiting for the towels to dry still)
√cleaned off the washer and dryer and brushed out the lint trap
√washed counters and stove top
√put away most of the groceries
√boxed up all the holiday baking stuff in a milk crate


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