Art room plan of attack

I feel totally overwhelmed by the idea of organizing my craft supplies in the art room but at least I have something of a plan and 17 more days til my deadline of the first and Alex will be home for more than half of those days to help.
The plan so far:
* First we have to move everything out except large furniture and either put it in the garage or the front room. This means getting more boxes.
*Then I have to bring in all of the many rolling plastic drawers we have and have been given, some of which are full of random stuff that needs to go into boxes so that I can figure out how to organize them and where to put them
*I need to start sorting through boxes, putting paper in one area and paints in another, some stuff like pens/pencils are mostly already sorted but there is so much random stuff.
* First a base sort, like with like and not stress out about further sorting until the second sort,
*Then I can take something like paper and sort it by type (I.e. scrap booking vs watercolor paper) and not worry about size or color until the 3rd sort…
*Finally I can sort everything by color and/or size etc…  note: with just paper alone I have maybe 80 pounds and an entire liquor box full of pens and markers and pencils and many more random paint types
*Before putting things back in the room I will make up a plan and label each drawer/box/bin with what will go there.
*Danielle Oremus gave me tons of different sized small boxes that held glasses and I plan to use them to make dividers for drawers to put small things in

I CAN DO THIS I just have to be serious and not lose momentum this time


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