44 today

So I am 44 today
Here is to give you a hint how old that is…
I saw the first season of Sesame Street as a child
I remember when my dad was mad that gas went up to 68 cents
I watched Robin Williams in Happy Days before Mork and Mindy and when I was 11 I heard his first album (YES on Vinyl) and it blew my mind because he was so amazingly odd and it helped me look at the world differently because I realized I was not the only person who changed subjects in their minds so fast
I saw Star Wars (A New Hope) when it was released as a preview where they asked questions about stuff.. it was called just A New Hope and there was a scene they cut out you can now find on line that I swore for years was in it and people said I was crazy. That was early in 1977
I am old enough to remember when you could leave your kids in the car and not only would they not get taken, you would not get in trouble but you were pretty sure they would stay there cause they did not want to get their ass beat.
I was 18 and a half when the drinking age turned to 21 (I missed out on grandfathering in on that by 4 months)
My first time in college at 18 I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers, No One here knew who they were, they actually still wore tube socks on their dicks
With in a few years of that I saw many little known bands from Seattle at the Crazy Horse (now the Red Room) I loved Green Day but thought the very drunk Nirvana pretty much sucked til I saw them a year later in Portland
I saw Soundgarden and L7 before I was 24 and was in fact a Riot Grrrl at that time
All those Hair Metal bands you make fun of…yeah I saw a few of them in concert at the height of their fame because not much else came to town and I actually liked Tesla and I swear they toured with EVERYONE.
I saw Muddy Waters and Bo Diddly perform at what is now the Red Lion Riverside and I saw Howling Wolf in Seattle when the Seattle Blues Festival cost 3 cans of food a day
I wore a Cure t-shirt and had posters of Robert Smith when I was 21 and NO ONE in this town had the slightest clue who they or the Butthole Surfers were it seemed.
And Yes I saw MTV the first day it started, I saw the first song and I went to school when a mohawk could get you expelled and I would have been my first week in 10th grade is the entire football team had not picked the same day to get mohawks.
I saw Breakfast Club in the theater and it blew my mind because it spoke to me and I saw Valley Girl and IT blew my mind because while the movie was so so the MUSIC opened me up to a lot of what I would like
When I was 16 I had a small portable cassette player and carried 6 cassette tapes everywhere and wore them out over and over
ABCs of the Blues by Della Reese
Prince Purple Rain
two 90 mins mix tape of the Cure, siouxsie and the banshees, The Church, Echo and the Bunnymen and more
Stray Cats
and a 90 min mix tape of punk Rock from KBSU

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