Not a finished product

The reason so many of us have a problem with low self esteem and doubt is we keep comparing our personal day to day behind the screens, rough draft lives to other people’s seemingly finished projects.
When YOU write a story, paint a painting or throw an event YOU know how hard it is for you, you know it isn’t just right, it seldom comes out the way you envisioned it to be perfect.
Life is like that.
You know the inner workings of just getting through our day, the things we do to seem like we know what we are doing are often actually holding things together with string and luck so that no matter how good it seems to others you can only see where it didn’t work just right.
But then we see someone else’s life, and it seems as if they have everything together, as if they never fail it is like seeing a finished painting, a wonderful book, a perfect party we fail to realize two things…
#1 they also face the process of living, the times when things fall through, they have doubts of success and the fear that what they are doing will look like it is held together by bubble gum and determination. Just because it looks like they have the perfect life doesn’t mean that they didn’t struggle just to make it seem that way or to learn how to get the results we see.
And #2 as long as you are alive life is not a finished product, it is not a single published book, a perfect masterpiece of a finished painting, a single amazing event, it is on the other hand a series of stories, a collection of paintings, an on going chance to create your life, to present yourself to others who most likely will not realize what you went through to get to that moment.


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