Black soap for white heads

I am having hormonal acne really bad, this month is the worse ever with small, hard whiteheads that itch all along my jaw line, under my chin and even down my chest and now for the first time they are on my cheekbones and forehead. They don’t look bad but make my skin look rough and dull, that is until the itch got to me one really stressful day and I tore up my face during an anxiety attack. I had tried this Black African Soap my friend bought me and it was amazing except it cleaned my face so well that it pulled so many impurities that I broke out worse. I knew if I could stick it out I would see better results as it can take more than a month for a skin care regiment to work (up to 3 months in the case of really bad problems) but I could D never stick it out. But after trying to scratch my own face off in a parking lot I realized my face could actually get much worse on its own and so I have started washing once a day with this and then twice a day I use a clean wet warm cloth and wipe down my skin. I have made up a face oil with about 30 to 1 coconut oil to tea tree oil and I rub just a drop of it in each time I clean my face. It is taking time but the itch is mostly gone and while I am still getting the tiny clear/greyish bumps they ate not as bad or as painful and my skin doesn’t look so dull. We will see how I do in 3 weeks when my cycle gets back to the point where it tends to go into hormonal acne overdrive.



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