Missed a day

November is one of the worse months for me to blog everyday, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and my brain spends a good deal of time either in a rage or a fog.
I try not to write when I am ragingly upset, I try not to write down and publish things I may later regret and when the fog takes over it feels as if there is a nose I can’t fully hear but that I am aware if filling my brain. 
You know the feeling right before a headache blooms, pressure and anxiety and the knowledge that you will soon have a headache?
Well the fog is like that except the headache can take days to actually happen and that feeling of your brain being full of wet cotton can last even longer.
Focusing when I feel like this is hard and I often forget things so quickly it scares me since I will be testing someone and a moment or two later I look at my message and wonder if I actually wrote that sentence.
I tend to get very obsessed and can become irate over very little and I find myself very sensitive to sound.
Writing like that is difficult but I will keep trying


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