Busy, busy, busy, now if I just had more energy

There ars a lot of days where it feels as if I am busy all day and part of the night and keep going til I fade.  Some days it feels as if I can get tons done and other days I feel as if I will get nothing done at all since I am so low on energy.
Today is a combination of the two ends of the spectrum, I got a lot done but could have gotten more done if my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not trying to act up along with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. 
Early this morning I hung lights around the front window and later in the day took them down and redid them so that they draped across it in 5 layers of two strands each, clear and purple.  I then hung 3 strands of lights, multi and clear, along the side of the garage where we have orange ones hanging from Halloween.  
I did the usual cooking of breakfast and dinner and packed Alex’s lunch and I am working on 3 loads of laundry right now.
Speaking of laundry Alex and I put away a huge basket of it despite the fact I was so exhausted I felt as if I would fall off of the bed where I was folding clothes.  I passed out for an hour after then went shopping with my mother at 3 different stores finding a springform pan to bake a holiday gift on and make got some photos we need for our cards.
I then picked up friend and stopped by another store to get a few things and took him to get a battery for his vehicle which we found out has a seized motor so we had to take the battery back then went shopping to get me some night shirts as I finally decided it was time to toss nightgowns that were big on me when I weighed 250 pounds more than I do now.  I finally settled on a 4 pack of men’s extra long 3x shirts that I can wear with shorts, the best part is 2 years ago that shirt would have been tight on me and is now very baggy.
Finally came home and finished the last 70 pages of a book I was reading and started laundry.
I am both tired and wired and have so much I want to do tonight.
I need to finish dying 200 coffee filters and dry them then do more laundry and make breakfast muffins and finish decorating the front window.
This would all be easy if not for the fact my legs are spasming painfully and if I take the stuff that helps it will knock me out.  I may have no other choice since the spasms start in my legs and work their way through my body if I let them get really bad.
We’ll see what happens I guess


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