I wish to converse, discuss or interact

I feel as if I am forgetting how to carry on real conversations that are not about gaming or other people, diverse subjects beyond pain and personal problems (mine and others)
I have forgotten how to express my interest in things without getting into a rant or being made to feel stupid and useless just because the other person(people) never wish to discuss anything other than their own very small spectrum of interests.
I do not mind talking to people about their personal interests and the things going on with their lives but except for a small handful of people with diverse interests and a willingness to discuss them as well as to converse on topics they are not personally passionate on but are willing to learn about I feel as if I simply irritate everyone when I seek to not discuss their personal holy grail of subjects. 
I really need to just hang out and talk about random subjects with people who don’t look at me blankly or tell me I am getting agitated and aggressive when I get excited about something. 
I am sick of feeling stifled and yet now a days I also feel as if maybe I have nothing interesting to say after all.


One thought on “I wish to converse, discuss or interact

  1. You do have interesting things to say, just not interesting people to talk to. I feel this at the moment – the only people I’m really talking to are family, Hairy and a handful of friends.

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