I have been slacking on my blog posts though I have done at least one a day i am so far behind, during the day I am so busy and winter amps up my chronic fatigue and my brain slows way down, I feel as if I can do these great but little bursts of things like cooking or whatever but when I sit down to write my brain feels as if it is full of wet cotton and static. This is also how I feel about crafting for the holidays mostly, I just can’t get motivated beyond a few simple projects, this will be pretty much the first year in a long time I did not hand create my holiday cards or make a ton of goodies for people.
To be honest I am feeling OKAY but only OK not great, I dont hurt worse than usual that often now that I am off of the mass doses of sucralose and no longer filling my body full of sugar but winter is coming and so is SAD. I have small burst of feeling down, emotionally and physically and even smaller bursts of amazing energy just no focus.

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