I am not a princess

I am not a princess, I do not seek the perfection some others believe that all women should strive for nor will I allow others to define my worth, I smile when I am happy not because it is expected of a lady.  I laugh too loud and I do what needs doing. 
I am not on a pedestal, try to put me on one and I will use it to build a fortress to protect those who need protection.  I believe in being gracious but never phony, honest but not cruel and helpful without being controlling. 
I am not perfect, I deserve joy and spread it where I can but I will not allow times of sorrow and pain to bring me low for long or allow myself to drag others down. 
I do not seek to lead, I have too many ways to go myself before I am done.
I am not perfect, I do not seek it, I am not a princess to be worshiped or rescued.  
I can become what I want to put the effort into becoming but do not seek to be everything to everyone.
I will not define my worth by others, by possessions, by the classic and very limited perceptions of beauty that rule or society.
I am a woman, a warrior, a wife, a wayward soul, wistful and wise. 
I am a fighter, a friend, frail and full of strength all at the same time.
I will not sit on a throne because I do not have time to waste waving at nothing when things need doing.
I have hope, I have joy, I face down fear and sorrow and sometimes they knock me on my ass but I never fail to come back fighting for myself and my sanity with a laugh and a left hook. 
I will try, I might succeed, I might fail but I will always try.
I am not a princess, I am real, I am true and I am me

One thought on “I am not a princess

  1. Beautiful words here. I really enjoyed reading it, understanding that you aren’t perfect is sometimes hard but remembering to make it positive can be harder!

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