Dealing with cold

My stupid thermostat chose the coldest morning since we have been here to reset itself down to 68. Got to finish the last bits of insulating this weekend.
I need to be able to open a few windows so I think that the bedroom window over my bed will be getting bubble wrap and a mylar curtain under my cloth curtain, the kitchen window I want clear and the main front window is double paned and well sealed so for those we have that plastic you blowdry to tighten on just the glass parts (on the inside on the slider and the outside on the static part)
So far this house stays really warm during.the day, on a 60* day without the heat on and the windows closed it gets to about 70-75* in here, but when the heat turns itself on super low and the outside temp is freezing it gets pretty chilly in here.
I don’t believe in over heating the house but it is amazing how different 68* feels from 73* when you are sensitive to the cold.
Ever since my weight loss surgery 30 months ago I have a harder time staying warm and I really need to start wearing my robe and get new slippers or some good insoles for my old ones. 
I have shrunk out of most of my night clothes and they fall off my shoulders so I only have a few lightweight night dresses left.  I think I will end up taking in a few more of my old velvety dresses and make them into temporary night dresses, I don’t see the point in investing in something like a lot of night dresses I don’t wear in public when I already have many warm oversized now long dresses (on average each dress hangs about 7 inches longer than it use to) to use.


One thought on “Dealing with cold

  1. I hate being cold now I’ve lost weight – I started getting cold a lot after glandular fever, but I can’t keep warm any more. I like the idea of wearing old velvet dresses as nighties!

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