Now for the important stuff, the holidays!

I love winter holidays, crafting and lighting up the darkness.  I am not religious at all nor am I against religion and I respect peoples right to believe whatever they believe if they will respect mine not to believe the same and to put glitter on stuff.

Like I said I believe in religious freedom, I believe I have the right to celebrate or not celebrate any holiday I choose as i choose it and that my NOT celebrating your holiday does not mean I am at war with you or your beliefs.
I have NO interest in hearing all about the so called “War on Christmas” bullshit or “This is America We celebrate CHRISTMAS Here” nonsense or even reading people griping too fucking much about some old man greeter at Walmart who is just trying to make ends meet saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS instead of your particular holiday salutations.
You dont have to like the holidays but I do, you dont have to like posts about crafting and enjoying winter to it’s best but I have spent nearly every winter since my early teens miserable and half asleep and I am determined to enjoy myself this year.
Ignore me if you want but dont rain on my fucking parade.
Thank you


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