More organizing, the garage phase 1

A friend reminded me that all my sweaters are in the garage and when I went out and saw the pile of stuff that in some places was 6 ft high and 4ft deep that covered one 16 ft long wall of the garage I just knew they would be on the bottom in the back and I was right.
I know this because I shanghaied Alex and made him come out into the cold garage for 20 minutes and we busted ass sorting all the bins and boxes into 3 separate piles,
*art and crafts,
*kitchen and home,
*decor and random stuff. 
So now the piles are in places I can access, boxes are able to be reached and the sorting and purging can begin.  My overall goal is to donate or dispose of 1/4th of everything of ours in the garage other than art supplies and to have the garage and art room totally organized by the first of the year.  Since we packed everything less than 5 months ago we already disposed of 90% of the garbage then so now it is time to give stuff away.
The trick today was to keep ourselves from sorting out the minutia, from trying to sort small stuff, or getting to absorbed in the random bits and piece. there is time for that and it wont be at 10am in our night clothes in a freezing cold garage.


One thought on “More organizing, the garage phase 1

  1. Sounds like fun! Also freezing, and I’m glad I’m not you. Always sod’s law that what you want is the hardest thing to get to 🙂

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