Oh Poe

Poe isnt usually allowed on the bed because Alex is allergic and today he’s sleeping with us cause of the cone has him so stressed out.  I am worried he is not eating and drinking at all in the 28 hours since I put it on him despite the fact the cone is the right size and I moved his food and water into smaller containers for him and put them on the floor.
When I got up from reading I picked Poe up (not easy as he is a huge 16+ lbs cat and I don’t want to touch the base of his skins where it is sore or push on the cone) and took him in the kitchen to remind him where the water and food is…boom he ran back to the bed as soon as his paws hit the floor and got right in the middle between me and Alex.

I have a feeling it is going be very hard to break him of sleeping in here and I may need to change sheets twice as often and get more pillow cases, thank goodness for our washing machine, now if nice king size sheets didn’t cost so damn much.


Poe trying to sleep while I annoy him with the flash


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