Oh Poe part 2

I got Poe a medical collar yesterday, he hates it so much but the cone is helping somewhat with Poe’s back in that he can’t lick it but there is a chance he just has it so torn up that it can’t heal on it’s own though there is no sign of infection (smell or anything but clear discharge) as it dries up it is cracking and bleeding a bit and still the skin is swollen and warm.  I am giving it til Tuesday to show serious improvement then if I have to I will borrow money to take him to the vet.
If we have to take him to a vet we can it is just frustrating because I think I made it worse trying to fix it last week and because I was hoping to get a phone that does not need resetting to factory standard every 21 days. 
This is not a choice, I am willing to wait a few days to see if he heals on his own but I am not willing to put my wants first over his health.

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