Worried about my cat.

I am really upset, my cat has the worse rash he has ever had on his back and it got this bad because of me, when he first got it I dabbed it with tea tree oil in coconut oil and I guess there was way too much tea tree because I think he got a burn.  I need to see about getting him a collar to stop him over grooming the area and will check around tomorrow to see if I can get one without going to the vet if we can help it as I am hoping that it will heal if we stop him licking and chewing on it.   He is so scared of me now since I have been trying to keep the area clean with damp paper towels that I want to cry and this is as close to giving in to carbs as I have been in about 11 days.
Everything I read said topical benedryl would help as would a very small dose of it orally, problem is it is in my garage and I can’t find a fucking thing in there right now and it makes me want to cry and scream all at the same time.  As of Saturday afternoon we can begin to get it organized but it may take weeks and I need to buy some tomorrow, I guess though if I was not so sore and upset I would go to Walmart to try to find some for him.
Having gotten cortisone shots less than 18 hours ago and having been going pretty much non stop has me sore, shaky and is giving me the start of a migraine.  I feel like crap and really do not want to drive anywhere which makes me feel even more guilty. 

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