Nov blog challenge day 1

When I was getting married I felt lost in a sea of white wedding froufrous and sites telling me how my wedding should be. Then one very happy day I stumbled across Offbeat Bride, a wonderful site that allows people like me who have a different view of how or “big day” should be to talk, share info and see what others had done.
And then I got married and I didn’t feel as comfortable there but lucky for me about a month before our wedding the amazing Offbeat Empire blossomed and produced my favorite blog of all time…Offbeat Homes
I have read it since day one, every single blog entry and when we moved it inspired me to strive for the house I want decor wise, one that people I care for and whose taste I like as well as complete strangers would admire and yes even envy a little.
Bit by bit I have worked on the new place and one of my favorite decorating accomplishments is the bathroom. Years ago I did an art insulation for a Halloween event based on the Day of the Dead and I had tons of art work from it and bits and pieces. Since we rent we have had to come up with stuff that wont damage the place and so painting is out so I decided to do a Day of the Dead Gothic Bathroom.
When I was done I uploaded the photos the the Offbeat Homes Flickr group and didn’t think too much about it.
Today had been alternately a really nice and hard day, I rushed to get to my Doctors appointment to get cortisone shots in my knees only to find I had the wrong day and had to beg them to allow me to be seen as I had taken anti-inflammatories and I can only do it one time in a week. They agreed and we had to wait a bit and on top of that my weight was back up though I hope the 6 pounds could be water weight as I tried to drink a lot the night before to make the shots easier.
Cortisone shot can cause your legs to be really stiff and instead of being smart and going home I went shopping in a jam packed grocery store then took a friend downtown to an event and by the time I got home I was hurting pretty badly.
I pulled out the tablet and began to go through my RES feed without really looking ahead and was just happy to see 4 entires from Offbeat Homes. I started with the first one and worked my way through til I opened the forth blog post…oh my goodness! It was my bathroom!!
To say that I was giddy was an understatement and it has made my entire week.
Anyway you can check it out yourselves.


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