Living an upcyled life

So I really do believe in recycling and upcycling and in talking to a lady who writes about it for a living I realized that easily 90% of all our furniture were either given to us or purchased 2nd hand or are items purchased 1st hand over 15yrs ago and have been in use ever since.  I am not ashamed to say that almost all of our chairs were rescued from beside the dumpster at our old place. 
Of the items we have that were bought new most of them are folding tables, 4 folding chairs, half of our bookcases and most of my storage racks but again these are the things we will use for a very very long time.
A good portion of my decor is either upcycled and altered or at least 10yrs old and likely to be owned much longer. 
Many of my all time favorite clothing came to me 2nd hand and I reuse material over and over, garments get altered as my size changes or they wear out and I often use the remaining material in craft projects and decor.
A good portion of my art work is upcycled and repurposed and I reuse and upcycle containers on a regular basis.
The thing is most people who have been to our home will tell you that it is comfortable, looks great and that our furniture is good quality over all.  Yes it has taken me time to be willing to give up and pass on pieces that were no longer what I wanted and to figure out how to make other pieces work with my stuff (mostly via covers) but a few good thrift purchases and hand me downs later and we have stuff we can be proud of in more than one way.

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