November is National Writing Month

With all the publicity NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has gotten on line it is easy to forget that November is actually National Writing Month (ALL forms of writing in fact) with the goal of getting people to write something everyday.

Here are some sites to motivate your writing:

You can join in the NaNoWriMo challenge

If you are interested in a more academic approach check out

Or if you are more interested in a non-academic but still Non-Fiction subject try

I personally will be trying the 30 day Blogging challenge, every day in November I will post to one of my blogs, for ideas and info check out

As well as Novels, works of non fiction, academic pieces there is so much you can write about, do not let your lack of interest in long form work or your doubt in your ability control you.

You can Journal both on line and in a physical journal,

This might be a good time to try Art journaling with both art and words,

If you want write poetry (try many different forms)

Fan Fiction

Or scripts, (if you want try writing a script to your favorite series)

Perhaps even get some nice paper and write letters to family and friends (try actually mailing them)


In the long run all that matters is you write, write anything but use this challenge to develop the habit and hopefully dont let it go

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