Something to think about

SCENARIO: What if you were in an accident tonight and woke up Monday with total Amnesia, unable to remember a thing about yourself and your friends. Your family takes you home, shows you around and eventually you access your computer and find that Facebook is still signed on.
NOW ASK YOURSELF THIS: If you read your own timeline, everything you have ever posted, every meme you reposted, every comment you made, every rant you have put on your own wall…would you like the person whose wall it is? Would you be proud of the person you were?
ALSO ASK YOURSELF THIS: If you then read your news feed, the things your friends and acquaintances post every day but that you have no memory of would they be the people you would choose to know if you didn’t already know them?

Now think of your on line presence everywhere, how do you appear on fetlife, Tumblr, Twitter or your blogs? Are you someone you would choose as a friend if you did not know yourself?

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