Burrrrr Insulation time

Now since my weight loss surgery I get cold easier no doubt, losing half your body weight can do that, but waking up with the heat in the bedroom at 65* at 5am is unpleasant when you have issues regulating body temp.

For some as yet unknown reason the thermostat in the new place resets itself to 69* at what seems to be random times.  The house gets chilly pretty fast when it is freezing and windy out, especially my bedroom which is farthest from the furnace and blower, thankfully we have wall coverings or it would be even more nasty.
So there I am standing in the open backdoor barefoot at 5:30am staple gunning down 2 side by side layers of foam strip insulation with the ones already there and putting up a sheet of silver holographic Mylar plastic (wrapping paper, same basic stuff as an emergency blanket) on the back door window, at least it looks neater than plain plastic.
I am going to use this idea I saw on line on the window on the side of the front room which is always covered with curtains anyway and on the window above my pillow (tall thin window 8 inches above my bed) with the under window having a 3 inch bare area and something in the track to stop the window hitting it, so I can slide the other side open for a few minutes if need be and hang another Mylar Emergency Blanket under the curtains.  We will be doing this in my art room as well I think.

You take sheets or pieces of large bubble wrap and after lightly misting the window with water lay it on the glass and it will stick, if it doesn’t try adding glycerin to the water.  The bubble wrap wont mess up the windows and can be removed in seconds but will noticeably reduce the cold coming through the glass.

For the large back window in the bedroom which is covered by wall hangings we will cover it with some 4mil clear plastic from outside and that leaves only the large sliding glass window in the front room where my cat Poe Kitty likes to sit and look out and the small over the sink window uninsulated.  I need these windows to be able to open at least for a few minutes and I need full visibility from them, the front room window has curtains but since the kitchen window is the only source of natural light in the kitchen I need to think how I am going to insulate or if I should just invest in grow bulbs for my plants and find a neat looking piece of mylar to make a curtain from.

Maybe we will also get lucky and save energy with saves money.


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