I’ll Do It Myself

In my household that is not a statement it is a threat that carries quite a bit of weight since even though I almost always end up hurt because I over do I get impatient and try to do things.  Things that often involve me climbing on chairs and furniture and using my staple gun.

I hate hate hate that there is so much I can’t just go and DO around here like insulate the large garage door…if I was healthier and more stable I would drag the plastic and staple gun and a sturdy chair out and JUST DO IT. (ugh I hate that slogan, not everyone can Just Do It) Beyond the arthritis that has destroyed my knees there is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that causes me to suddenly become exhausted and messes with my balance.
Poor Alex has to not only deal with having to do the work eventually (even though he doesnt see why it bugs me so much) he also has to deal with the worry I will throw caution to the wind and do it anyway (I wish) and maybe hurt myself (not something I wish for) and on top of it he gets to deal with me being angry at myself for being too weak to do it and the fact that I often take it out on him.
I have an amazing husband and I just wish I could make life easier on him since he deserves better than me feeling so upset about it.

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