My Day of the Dead bathroom

Some pictures of the bathroom, since we can’t paint I can’t do the walls the warm earthy colors I want (caramel and rust) so just added decor.
A few years ago I did a Day of the Dead art instillation and some of this is left over from that, including these paintings.




Also I had made a bunch of plastic and foam painted sugar style skulls and now I have turned them into a mobile with the use of memory wire bracelets and some crystal suncatchers I made earlier this year.  I made a catch all using a clear shoebag cut down due to a lack of storage.


Between the mirror and the wall was just enough space to put these tin tiles I got on clearance at Michaels for $.25 each.  They fit perfectly and needs no adhesive.  The bracelet holder is a wrought iron paper towel holder and the silver and crystal swans I got for $.50 at a yard sale.  The silver and crystal jam jar set was a give away from a friend and holds q-tips and toothpicks.


The rag and hand towel holder is a small cake rack from the same wrought iron set as the bracelet holder and it has octagon salad plates on it to hold black and grey rags and a hand towel made from Halloween material from an old skirt.
The black glass skull was a votive candle holder but now has baking soda with scented oil in it and the hair clip is part of my collection I have hanging on a strip from an old loose weave sweater.


Earrings, hair stuff and pins are on the strip of dark red material while necklaces are on push pins that have rhinestones glued to them.  Beside the door are 3 embroidered sugar skulls stretched over dollar store frames.
One the floor are burgundy and purple bathmats I made by folding towels in half and sewing around them then across them.


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