moody bitch mode

I dont claim to be perfect:
I am a sugar and caffeine addict who repeatedly tries and fails to stop (like I am now)
I post stupid, unimportant to anyone but me things all the time
I get cranky and whiney due to pain and post about it on here when I should just keep it to myself
I have an illness even I sometimes dont believe in
I am nutty as a pecan pie
I am moody
I often have no clue about pop culture references because I dont watch TV or pay attention to the newest stuff
I read and enjoy trashy novels, mysteries and romances and to be honest have read many of the classics and prefer brain candy
Like I said far from perfect…
but I at least I dont bullshit myself and others that I am somehow better than they are, I dont aggrandize myself and I dont whine that “people dont like me” all the time, I dont force my beliefs down people’s throats acting as if they are stupid to believe anything I dont. I try not to be hateful or mean to anyone and without a doubt I can say that except in a Small handful of occasions I give and help and do for and try and reach out to people far far more than they do me and yeah I guess that is a failing also on my behalf because it implies that I am pretty fucking stupid.

some days I just want to rip into people, call them on their on going self deluded bullshit and then go merrily about my way having envoked their inevitable ire and lasting grudges realizing that by doing so it will cause them to cut themselves from my life, then I remember I am “NICE” (or so I am told) and go back to Pinterest and just hold it in til the urge passes


One thought on “moody bitch mode

  1. you are speaking my language sistah! and? i found the subscribe by email sign up! yay!

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