Sigh, so much for EXTRA money

I am so bummed out, this was suppose to be the 1 month we would have a little extra cash because the payments on my consolidation loan dont start til Nov, we thought we had all of our bills caught up and could get a few things we wanted/needed but we were of course wrong, All kinds of crap has come up all at once and all the extra will be gone but I guess we are lucky we had it.

Just some things that are eating our little bit extra we thought we would have…
*my phone is crap and will most likely need to be reset at least once a month and I now cant afford a new one worth having so I need to save up (I want a hydro $130 on line)
*the place we moved out of just told me they will be billing us for damages but cant tell me how much til after monday (this is why we will not be burning candles or incense in the house, they had to paint 3 coats, thankfully we dont smoke) They really made me feel like a filthy horrible person and it still hurts knowing it was that bad and I just never realized it til everything was out of there.
*My serpentine belt is cracking, I was going to try to wait til the 15th of Oct but now it is sounding rough on start up even though I just paid to change the oil…also need to buy anti-freeze
*we thought the Electric bill came out on the 24th (after Alex’s next payday) and it comes out on the 10th (I will be covering it with my check) 

All of it can and will be covered this month (though towne square apts may have to take payments) but it is frustrating when I was hoping for extra spending money for Halloween for once.

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