It isnt the volume I hate, its the bass

Fact : the stock stereo speakers on a 2005 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor go up to #45.. #14 is a good average volume, #19 is loud and #27 HURTS your ears and can be heard about 100 ft away.
People look at you very strange when you are driving a black and white panda style police car blasting out grindingly loud (#22) Texas Hippie Coalition …they look at you even odder when they see a very grown up looking woman in a classic black and white “work casual” dress rocking out to a song about strippers.

Also while 80’s bubble gum pop was almost as bad as 90’s pop 80’s post-punk new wave is fucking amazing especially at #17 …. please note, no excess bass to fuck it up and even at #25 it is clear as a bell


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