So many crafty ideas

There are so many craft projects I want to do for the house and I still am not unpacked.

Basic necessities:
1. Finish unpacking everything we Need (except the craft room)
2. Organize craft room furniture and storage units so supplies have a place to go as it is used or accessed
3. clean the fridge compressor and vents, move the washer and dryer back where they belong
4. Put material up as wall hangings in the front room and bedroom
5. put large shelves up on the walls in kitchen and art room (small shelves for knickknacks in the front room)
6. move furniture around in front room to make room for the “harem couch” (twin mattress on cinder blocks and other supports made up as a couch)
7. curtain rods in front room
8. get screens for the windows

Craft Projects for the house: (not in order)
1.  turn camper and mattress pads into giant throw/floor pillows using bleach pen painted upcycled velour
2.  recover most of my smaller throw pillows and make more
3.  make bath mats using old towels inside a casing of cool looking cotton material
4.  paint day of the dead themed freezer paper “wrapping” paper for behind the clear shoebag “junk holders” I have mounted on the walls
5.  make cellophane “Mexican tissue paper” flower bouquet for above the wall mounted light fixture in bathroom
6.  make tiles for under the mirror using tin foil from disposable cookie sheets, color with markers
7.  make curtains with painted borders for over the sheers in the front room
8.  make mixed up beaded curtains for front room window using a mix of random beaded strands using my stash and christmas beaded garland
9.  turn a bunch of old paper mache’ covered plastic sugar skulls into a mobile
10  use a bunch of cut glass globe swag light covers tinted with different colors of glass paint, wire and Christmas light strands to make a hanging lamp
11.  make hanging holiday light lamps for outside using small triangular metal shelves for some and hanging plant baskets for others
12.  create 10+ small to medium random pieces of art using odd sized “canvas” (box lids, reused dollar store placks, etc)
13.  randomly color my set of magnetic poetry using light colored bic markers and make my own magnet word tiles using printed words (using gothic, nerdy/gamer, arts and crafts words)
14.  build a small fire pit and use mismatched painted pavers, bits of tile, stone and other things to make stepping stone mini “patio” (lots of space for ground cover between stones/tiles etc.)

these are just what I can come up with at 5:30 am


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