Smoky walls no more

We dont smoke and I have never allowed it in the house BUT I used incense and candles off and on for 7 years and it wasnt until we moved that I saw the damage just that amount of smoke did to my apt.  Behind every painting or thing attached to the walls there were streaks of soot, the walls were stained where the wall studs were making them striped and there were places I had spilled or splattered colored wax.
I am determined to take better care of my new place and it’s freshly painted walls, no more candles except rare special occasions, no more burning incense, I am going to use a candle warmer but I am only using clear (white) wax with essential oils added and if I make the gel air fresheners again I am making them undyed.  Also I am making my own air sprays using filtered water, a little vodka and scented oil in mister bottles

Here is how the Gel Air Fresheners are supposed to be made though from now on I wont be adding color just putting them in colored bottles.

The Gel Air Fresheners I made this time (My Hack of the recipe since I didnt have Knox gelatin):

I used two 4 serving packages of Jell-o Sugar-free gelatin, Orange and Lemon, added 3 cups of water, 4 tbs salt, a few drops of red food color, and a mix of lemon, orange, citronella, clove and Jasmine oils and put them in a bunch of small jars and I am hoping they set up


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