list of things I probably wont do tonight

List of things I SHOULD be doing tonight:
Putting a new outlet hose and ring clamp on my washing machine
Testing my washing machine (hoping not to be cleaning up water from the floor again)
Putting the Dryer vent hose back on the dryer all the way
Washing and drying 3 loads of clothes (after finding the laundry soap in the garage)
Doing a small load of dishes by hand so I can clean my grandmother’s small crockpots
Cooking 2 Pattypan squash casseroles for my mom and grandma (got the squash for free and they help me so much)
Putting see-through silver holographic cellophane over the kitchen door window
picking up boxes on kitchen floor and putting the litter box back where it was before I flooded the kitchen
Sweeping up the clay cat litter that turned to mud when it got wet
Cleaning off the kitchen counters
Sleeping without Pain pr dreams that unsettle me
List of things I am absolutely sure I will be able to get done tonight:


PattyPan Squash

1 hour later

Ok ok ok I put the casserole together in the crockpot but it is basically 1 sweet onion cut up and a bunch of pattypan (flying saucer) squash sliced up in a crockpot with some pesto butter, a big scoop of cottage cheese and a bottle of Classico Alfredo sauce and half of that bottle of milk. Also a pretty random bunch of spices and a little quinoa.

Also Ghetto cooking a pound of hamburger…cant find a baking dish without going out to the garage, hate to fry burger, so I made a 4 layer thick folded tin foil “pan” to put in the toaster oven

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