Adventures in home appliances Part 2

Even though I said I doubted I would get to it I worked on the washing machine, I moved the dryer and the washer AGAIN and not only did I tighten the ring clamp on the outlet pipe with the back of a mother%$#&ing GINSU knife (cause I am so freaking smart right) but I used my way too small wrench and tightened the hoses to the back that were leaking all over and only got it stuck on part of the hose once.
THEN I reached over the machine and carefully turned the dial to Delicate to add water to the machine to test the drain hose and the hoses I had just tightened when the GAWDDAMNED&%$*&%# DIAL BROKE OFF IN MY HAND!!!!
BTW I used the wrench to push and pull and twist the dial so I could test it and it doesnt freaking leak, thank you very much!!!

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