Adventures with Household Appliances #1

1PM Tuesday Aug 21: today I hooked up the vent hose behind the dryer which meant I had to squeeze back there which I would not have done or tried a while back,not sure how well it is there, may have to get back there and use a butter knife to really push the vent hose in better.

This is our second vent hose, the first was way too short and to firm to bend right so Tuesday night at 1am we went back to Walmart and got a 5 ft flexible one

8:30PM Tuesday Aug 21:  I am cleaning out our washer because it had been stored outside while they painted and it had leaves and dust and a few dead bugs in it.  I turned it to highest load and hottest water and added Vinegar, Baking soda and citric acid and after filling it let it sit for 80 mins.

When I turned on the water to fill it the valves leaked but instead of giving up til someone else could look at it I used my actually too small wrench and with a lot of maneuvering still managed to tighten both of them so I could clean the machine.

10:30PM Tuesday Aug 21:  so today my husband Alex and my neighbor Tenneymade a wild statement …they said I was stuborn, can you believe that?? No? right me either and as I was moving the dryer and washing machine by myself (something they said not to do) and rehooking the water outlet pipe that came off when I followed directions (see not stubborn at all) that said to drain the washing machine on the spin cycle to get it extra clean (they did not say dont open the lid then close it because the pressure will blow off the hose) I realized they are wrong, I am not stubborn, I am impatient and determined and capable of cleaning up my own messes even if it mean using every piece of dirty clothes I could find to sop up gallon after gallon of very very hot vinegary water off the floor…

11PM Tuesday Aug 21 : I put the washing machine back but will wait til I run a very very small load as a test to see if the hose will stay on this time, not totally dumb and very use to cleaning up domestic disasters

11:10PM Tuesday Aug 21: well even 4 gallons of water is a bitch to clean up it seems….sigh, getting new hose

11:25PM Tuesday Aug 21:  Ends up the person who helped us put the hose on trimmed it short AND on top of that it needs a clamp ring which did not come with the hose.  Trying to dry the towels at least and wondering if I should just pull off the dryer vent hose and see if that would dry up some of the water…no I would end up starting a fire or something.

Thankfully the guy who cut it is going to buy me a new hose AND clamp ring.


On an end note I hate that so often my life resembles a script for I Love Lucy T’RINA and dont tell the guys but my legs are killing me from moving the washing machine half a dozen times in a few hours



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