Rant, rant, rant

Proof that the Average person is fucking stupid…Firefly, The Unusuals, Wonderfalls and many other quirky, amazing but mostly INTELLECTUAL, shows do not survive a season and Jersey Shore is on it’s 5th season and how long has those Kardashian bitches been making themselves look like fools?  For that matter there is a reason magazines like Star, People, Us, the Equirer or whatever are on the checkout stand and you have to search for decent magazines that don’t rot your brain.  Same with food for that matter, you practically have to go to the store armed with more information than is in a decent sized book just to figure out what is healthy because people are willing to eat any crap they are handed.
this is why I don’t have a tv that is connected to digital or cable (just dvd and a gaming system) and why I buy less that 25% of our food premade and always read labels.
sorry to rant but it seems that we live in a world that panders to the lowest common denominator where people are concerned and shun intellectualism as “snobbish” and boring and even with “geek chic” we act like being smart is somehow a fast way to be a loser.
End of rant


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