ANNOYING THING #116: coming up with a design idea for your house on your own and then a month later having the exact same idea go “viral” on Pinterest and design sites.

I have wanted a “gallery wall” since I saw the way the art in old Bohemian/Victorian rooms were displayed years ago then was reminded of it last year at the Valentines for AIDS display and have been working on it for a year (adding art as I make it)…now you cant take a peek at any design site without finding a how to do an instant Gallery wall page, to me the whole point is to be eclectic with what goes up there, different shapes and types of art work.

So many of the sites suggest putting everything in matching frames or to fill up the space with pages of scrapbook paper or material in frames…really???

I am still doing my mixed up gallery wall and I am still putting my own art up bit by bit but it does make me laugh…Same as my using maps a few years ago and you not being able to open pinterest without stumbling across half a dozen map projects. Not saying I dont get ideas from those sites, I do but I bet the person who put a bird and branch on their wall 4 years ago feels a little peeved that it is now a cliche.

some of the stuff going on my wall


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