Organizing my dresser drawers

When I was bigger and had more (and larger more space consuming) clothes I used most of an entire closet and a large 6 drawer dresser and never really worried about organizing the clothes beyond piling different types into different drawers so they took up all the space.

When Alex (My husband) moved in I went through my clothing and got rid of some, packed other, seasonal stuff away and gave him a few drawers and got us a large plastic set of 3 drawers for on top of our dresser, we also had cloth storage boxes in a cubby shelving unit for things like my leggings and socks and his night clothes.

Over the last 2 years I have lost nearly half my body weight and gotten rid of most of my clothing so that my once packed closet is nearly empty, I can, with some serious organizing, get almost all my non hanging clothes into 3 dresser drawers.  I used some cardboard from some boxes and a little duct tape to give 2 of the drawers 3 sections.  The drawer with socks and nightclothes has a plastic bin instead that takes up about 2/5ths of the drawer so I can put my socks in it and lift it out to make folding and putting them in it easier.

Not the prettiest or most permanent of arrangements but with careful folding I should have no problem getting everything in there and organized.

I will hang my button front shirts, my dresses and use the shoe cubby hangers for my larger sweaters and sweater dresses (I prefer them to the larger sweater cubby hanging racks) and my lightweight sweaters will be folded in the drawers along with t-shirts and leggings.

This way we can also just take the drawers out and move them as is

Before I organized the drawer

Organized drawer


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