In need of stress relief

I need to get organized, packed, moved and unpacked asap damn it, I have so much to do and I am so stressed but I don’t have access to my biggest stress busters right now.  For me the big stress busters have always been eating, crafting, shopping for bargains, drinking with friends and a few others.  I can no longer eat how I use to with out serious physical and emotional consequences and drinking is not something I can do easily anymore, I get drunk too fast and sober up quick and feel crappy the next day not to mention it now depresses me.
I love to shop for bargains, as Alex once pointed out it isn’t that I am a bad shopper or don’t find good deals it is that I fins the kinds of good deals that you just have to snap up or feel bad about for a long time.  And our move is costing so much and living in the new place will cost more so there will be little if any spare money to shop with for quite a while til we get caught up on some expenses.
As for crafting I have half of my supplies packed already and the rest need sorting and while I could journal with a single pen or my small travel paint set and some paper I just feel so much guilt about spending the time on it right now when I should either be getting ready to move or doing stuff for the convention I am volunteering for this week.  I am also worried I will become so absorbed I wont get anything done.  I have so many crafts I want to do for the new house Im feeling overwhelmed at this time.
I need to sit down and make a bunch of very detailed lists of what I need to do, list making is one of those time wasting stress busters that make me feel that at least I am getting something done.


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