To do list #1

Listing my “TO DO” list online seems to work best for me getting stuff done, maybe it is accountability, who knows?

Between now and when I need to clear out the front room Saturday at 3pm my goals are:

Soak the new Crockpot I got at the thrift store along with the others that I already have.
Unload the dish washer and reload with the crocks, keep up on the dishes.
Sweep and wash the kitchen floor with bleach. Test a few methods for cleaning dingy vinyl floors.
Go through all the spices, herbs and seasoning blends, discard stale stuff and put the rest in the spice rack bottles, label.
Set up one large box and put all of the loose stuff in the art room in it and take it in the front room to sort it out into types.
Sort for at least 2 hours even if it is in 15 minute increments.
Take new comforter I got at the thrift store today to laundry mat to tumble on low with some fabric softener sheets and get lint off of it.
Pack it away.
Start a bin/box just for Halloween stuff.
Make a small meat sauce AND another small crock of refried beans for dinner on Saturday.
Take the paintings and art off of the front room walls and carefully pack them away.
Pack up blank canvases also.

OK let’s see what I can get done in the next 68 hours

NOTE #1 (3:30am Thursday)
So far I have cleared some of the pile of stuff in the studio
Sorted through and bottled spices
Dishes and all the crockpots
Made a large cold tuna pasta salad for Alex to eat off of today and friday so I don’t have to cook much
Brought the boxes in
Made labels for Halloween boxes on the computer
Tried a method for getting the vinyl floor less dingy (towel soaked in very hot water with bleach and soap then laid on the floor for an hour then scrubbed up…next time more bleach)
And made my own fabric spray with a little fabric softer, water, baking soda and a few drops orange oil…shake and spray
Now off to run the comforter through a dryer to get lint off it and take a walk with my husband.


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