New leaf in cleaning

I have never been good at keeping my apt as clean as I want to and now I am moving into a bigger place with a fresh start and I want to try to see if I can make it work better.   So following the example of many organizational blogs I am going to try making up a chore chart of Daily, Weekly and Random chores to keep up with and see how it goes.  I am going to print it out nicely and put it in a frame with glass so that I can use a dry erase marker to mark things done each day/week.

Here is the chart so far.

Chore List

Do Dishes as needed
Wipe off Kitchen counters
Do a load of Laundry if needed
Sweep and/or spot clean kitchen floor
Put random items away every night
Water yard/garden as needed (summer)

Monday:           Clean and organize the craft room and bed room
Tuesday:          Take out all garbage and recycling, put pick-up barrels out
Wednesday:     Make sure all laundry is done (bedding and towels ect)
Thursday:          Mop Kitchen and Bathroom Floor
Friday:               Clean tub, toilet and bathroom sink
Saturday:           Change Cat Litter, check cat food/water and Vacuum (Alex)
Do a chore from the RANDOM list (T’Rina)
Sunday:                Clean up after Game if we host

Clean Refrigerator
Clean Microwave
Tidy garage
Sweep Sidewalks
Wash Mirrors or windows
Wash walls near doorways and light switches
Deep Clean Dishwasher
Deep Clean Washing machine and Dryer lint trap

One thought on “New leaf in cleaning

  1. Tette says:

    I heartily recommend the FlyLady (dot net) system. Flylady system got my home organized and has kept it clean over 12 years. I was very seriously depressed -suicidal that is- after giving birth to my daughter and the house went to a reeeally bad condition. I was even hoarding garbage (in order to “make enviromentally friendly crafts” with my baby sometime later). Blechhh.
    FlyLady system got me out of the black pit, one little babystep at a time, 15 minutes or 5 minutes or one 27-fling boogie at a time.
    And since I got my routines in order, the depression also started to fade away and the house started to be livable again. Now my home is always either clean or just 15 minutes away from being clean. And I don’t even have to think about house chores anymore, it seems like I’m flying on an autopilot!

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