Poe and the pillow

YAY!!! so in my goal to make the move from apt to house easier on my cat POE I am trying to make him some stuff to get use to having to sleep on and play with (other than small toys which he has) I took an old leopard print fleece coat that some of you who have known me longest may remember and a scrap of black fleece from a old throw and hand stitched a large (mostly) rectangle pillow for him and filled it with plastic grocery bags and a hell of a lot of homegrown catnip and sewed it shut.
I gave it to POE just to watch him sniff it and ignore it…sigh…then I realized it was way puffy and overstuffed so I put it on the couch and sat on it for 20 mins and flattened it then tossed it back on the floor where he likes to sleep and now he is all curled up on it sleeping! If you have ever made something for a cat only to have them forever ignore it you know my joy..lol

POE and his kitty pillow, sadly he doesn’t like the leopard side which I think is cool.


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