Today’s find, Anthropology bench covers and 33 cent lilies

Me a dumpster diver? You bet ya!
This morning I was looking for moving boxes and drove behind the Anthropology store and saw bench covers sticking out of the garbage.  These are padded tops to benches that are framed on 3 sides and upholstered.  I got 2 of these that were about 6 feet long.  I intend to cover them with clear plastic over some cool material and use them over four 5 gallon bucket shaped hypertufa forms (a kind of lighter weight concrete). 
I will have one by the front door between the house and the garage under the walkway and the other one I will have against the house under the shade sail I want to make in the back of the house.
I also scored a huge box of collapsed boxes from our local costume shop which will really help with packing.
On top of that my mom and I went to Walmart to get a kind of fish food she can’t get at a reasonable price anywhere in town and we decided to check out the garden center, a sales lady mentioned that they were selling there clearence plants at $1 a pot so I bought 5 pots of Asiatic lilies, each of which had 3 plants in them (original price $7 each) and 2 large fancy pots of annuals that I got just for the planters ($19 each originally). I also bought a few plants for my grandmother as well.  The plants are at her house and I hope they survive til Aug when we move.


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