Something to hopefully help transition my cat to the new place

A lot of the dividers in the liquor store boxes are thick corrugated cardboard and I sort of feel bad tossing them (we will be using some of the boxes as weed guard and others for temp storage when we move) so I was thrilled to see this DIY project from for a cat pad made of corrugated cardboard strips.  I am also going to put the pieces in a 2 gallon ziplock with catnip in it as I roll them so that they absorb the scent better.

I am going to make a large version of this for Kitty Poe before we move, get him use to it and then take it with us so he will have his own little “thing” just for him at the new house. He knows something is happening between me being sick for a few weeks and my packing up stuff, he wanders through the house complaining.  I am also going to check around the family for a large cat carrier and leave it open in the closet he likes to go into with a sheet Alex and I will sleep on for a few days and catnip and let him get more use to it, then when we take him to the house I will put it in a closet for him open and give him time to get use to the new house with a place he is use to to hide.

My cat has no front claws (I got him that way from the humane society after his owners let him out and he was attacked and wounded and they dumped him there) so he is very much a indoor kitty, but even without front claws he loves to paw at things as if he does and he loves sleeping on cardboard and anything we wore or slept on.

Here is a photo of the kind of cat pad I plan to make, you can buy them but since I am not really crafting much during this time it is nice to use my hands and do something with the scraps.


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