46 days and counting – packing report #1

So it may seem silly to be packing so early but I am the one doing most of the packing since let’s be honest most of the random stuff is mine.  Art supplies, knickknacks, clothes and 20+ years of odds and ends, funny thing is in the last few years I have gotten much better at getting rid of stuff and only keeping what I like the best, now I get to go through stuff, pack it and see what is really worth not just keeping but moving.
On top of the fact that Alex works full time and most of the stuff is mine there is the fact that I have health issues, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and only have so much energy not to mention I also tend to have adult ADD and get distracted and fail to get stuff done.
And then there is the art room.
My studio.
The blackhole of craftcutta
The Bermuda work space.
Where art supplies disappear at random and seemingly multiply of there own volition and the entire room looks as if a supply tsunami hit it.
In short it is a freaking disaster area, a Superfund site of art and craft supplies. And I have decided to leave it for near last which means that I have about 28 days out of 46 days til we can actually move and out of the 55 or so until we have got to have everything out of the apartment and into the house (leaving a week to clean) to pack up everything but the very very basics then start on the art room.
I plan to leave the furniture, a few dishes for cooking and clothing, cleaning supplies and food to last but I want everything else packed and boxed by the 27th of July and moved into the garages so I have room to sort had organize art supplies so that they will not end up a disaster again.  They will also be the last things out of the apartment so that the places they are going to be stored can be planned out and set up.
So far in the last few days we have packed most of our books (Alex still has a small bookcase full of gaming books) all of my sweaters (a big box full) and about 95% of all of the knickknacks from the front room which is actually about 7 boxes full for just those.  All together there are already about 15 boxes to move into the garage (2 of which are marked to stay in the apartment due to candles and stuff that might melt in July-Aug heat)
We had some people storing stuff in the garage here and they moved it today so tonight or early tomorrow we will move boxes out there and arrange them by room.
We also got a king sized bed from a friend and since we pay the first half of the deposit today we will be able to store it in the garage at the house wrapped in drop cloths.   We may move a few of the empty bookcases as well to free up space here to store boxes.
We rent 2 garages here and use one and the other is full to the brim with a friend’s stuff and a few bits of our furniture, I will have to get her over here soon to figure out what she is keeping and selling as she has decided to simplify her life and travel soon.  Other stuff we will move and sell in a driveway sell at the new place later.
I wish I had more energy, I want to get it done but I am so tired I just have to go slow and hope for the best.


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