Saving up to move

I have lived in the same Apt complex for 7+ years (that is average for me at a place) and I feel it is time to move and that I no longer want to live in a complex with over 150 units…hell I don’t want to live in one with over 50 and I would prefer a small house or duplex instead of an Apt.  I am sick of feeling as if I am drowning in neighbors who have no respect for others and of living in a place without even as many parking spots as there are apartments.  I like some things about our place but it is time to move.
Our lease expires Aug 30 and as such we need to tell them we are moving by Aug 1st which means we have about 5 weeks to be dead sure we want to move and can do it or we are stuck here at least 7 more months to a yr.
So it is time to save up money and get organized, but I admit that I am a spending addict and I desperately need to get it under control if I want us to save up to move from this complex into a place that doesn’t make me want to pull out my hair all the time.  I estimate it will take $1000 to $1250 to move out of here and that means saving up about an extra $500-$600 in 2 months when we never really have much extra the day before payday. 
We can really only save on things like groceries, spending money for stuff like going to coffee and buying art supplies and gas for the cars.
Oh well we have lots of food in the upright freezer and if we use it up we don’t have to move it…so that is a serious bonus and could save $200 in 2 months easy.
I really Can’t buy anymore craft supplies for a while but now I can just start organizing and packing the ones I have instead of trying to find places for them here.  And yes that room is still completely fucked up so a new start will be welcome, I would rather start from scratch than try to organize a room already in use.
If I cut back on shopping and reduce my going to coffee even by half I will save on gas as I drive all over town in a huge retired Crown Vic black and white police car that eats gas. I can also start driving the little car more often and get use to the clutch (it hurts my knee but I think that can get better) it gets twice the MPG as the panda.
I was planning on us getting a hotel room for an event the first Sunday in Aug but that would be over $70 right there and the event is only 20 miles away. 
We can do this and I honestly can’t wait to get into a new place, I hope it doesn’t fall through.


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